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Firewood Logs Leeds, Seasoned and Dried

Logsales of Leeds offer a range of Softwood and Hardwood Firewood Logs to buy which will suit your needs all year round. From summer BBQ’s and firepits to logs for wood burning fuel stoves and open fires in the colder months.

Our Firewood Logs are delivered throughout Leeds and surrounding areas and are delivered split, ready to use and are tipped wherever you require. *Access dependant.

Multiple Use’s Of Our Firewood Logs

There are many uses of Firewood Logs, they can be used for many different applications, below we list what our logs can be used for:

All our Logs are air dried in an outside barn and therefore the moisture content in our firewood logs is at a minimum, this means that our logs burn longer and produce more heat than logs that are not thoroughly dried out before sale.

Woodchip Mulch

In addition to our Softwood and Hardwood Firewood Logs we also supply woodchip mulch. Below is an explanation of what woodchip mulch is.

Woodchip mulch is a byproduct of reprocessing used (untreated) timber to dispose of wood waste by creating woodchip mulch. The chips are used to conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperature and suppress weed growth.

Woodchip mulch is often used under trees, shrubs or large planting areas and can last much longer than arborist mulch. In addition, many consider woodchip mulch to be visually appealing, as it comes in various colours. Woodchips can also be reprocessed into playground woodchip to be used as an impact-attenuating playground surface.

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